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Membership Dues: $150 / Application fee: $50

Candidates for Membership shall be surgeons with the M.D. degree who are of high moral and ethical standing who are actively engaged in the practice of maxillofacial surgery, who are citizens of, and reside in, the United States or Canada. An individual may remain a candidate for membership until ABMS (or equivalent) Board certified or for a maximum of five years.

Completion of a minimum of five (5) years of recognized graduate training in preparation for maxillofacial surgery, and attendance at the ASMS "Basic Course," shall be prerequisites. Candidate must be ABMS eligible (or the equivalent).

To be considered for standing as a candidate for Membership, the individual shall request an appropriate application form for completion. The completed application must be endorsed and signed by an Active or Senior member.

The Membership Committee shall review the application and credentials of an applicant and if such a review is positive shall grant the applicant the status of Candidate for Membership. When Candidates for Membership believe that they have met the requirements for Active Membership, they shall submit a completed Active membership application, with appropriate accompanying documentation. No new processing fee will be required.

Candidates for membership shall pay an application fee and dues as determined by the Board of Trustees. Membership applications are subjected to a $50 application fee.

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