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Research Grant Application

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Sponsored by: Maxillofacial Surgeons Foundation
In cooperation with: American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons
Funded by: DePuy Synthes
In honor of: Dr. Bernd Spiessl

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receipt of an ASMS Grant, we agree to recognize ASMS in any presentations and publications that are a direct result of use of these funds.

To facilitate your completion of this form and insure success, the Research Grant Committee offers the following suggestions:

ELIGIBILITY: All members of American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ASMS) are eligible for research awards. Residents or research fellows are eligible to apply if the primary investigator of the project is an active ASMS member who provides a letter of sponsorship for the application. NOTE: Please use the forms provided so that we may standardize the application process.

PURPOSE: The most important information you can provide is a statement of the problem you are addressing and how you propose to solve it.

BACKGROUND: A concise summary of previous works should be provided. The available knowledge pertaining to the subject should be briefly reviewed. A critical analysis of past deficiencies should be presented. Preliminary data should be included if available.

METHODS: A brief summary of exactly how the experiment is to be performed should be provided. If human subjects are to be involved, the safeguards selected, patient permission forms, or guidelines established should be summarized. Specifically state if you have obtained approval from your IRB (Institutional Review Board) and/or ARC (Animal Research Facility).

CHALLENGES AND LIMITATIONS: Potential challenges and limitations of your study and your proposed solutions.

REFERENCES: Three to five pertinent references detailing techniques or previous investigations should be listed.

FACILITIES: The location where the studies will be performed should be listed.

OTHER SUPPORT: The proposal is strengthened if parallel support of items not readily funded is provided. However, additional support is not necessary for success. State if an ASMS grant was previously obtained for a similar project or if this is a requested extension of an ASMS funded project.

COLLABORATION: Proposals with appropriate basic science collaboration are usually more convincing.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: This is not a prerequisite. A solid proposal will receive equal consideration without prior research experience. If you do have research background, indicate this in the application.

TIME TABLE OF FUNDING: Awards will be made effective January 1 of the following year. The period of funding support is for the twelve months following the receipt of the grant. Grants are made to an individual with awards (checks/payment) being made to an institution. If you require a check payable to an individual, written explanation and completed W-9 Form will be required; awards will be reported to the IRS.

REPORTING: The Maxillofacial Surgeons Foundation (MSF) is required by the IRS to document the appropriate disbursement of funds as well as maintain reports on the funded programs. To assure that we meet this obligation, award recipients will be expected to provide quarterly written progress reports describing financial disbursement, and research progress. The final progress report should list publications resulting from the study as well as additional grant proposals you have submitted, or support you have received because of this research funding.

AWARDS GRANTED: The Research Committee will determine the number of award recipients and the dollar amount granted. You will be expected to submit a one page summary of your research project due 1 year from the time funding is received. This should include research process, presentations and publications achieved from the ASMS grant funding.