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Special Honorary Award Recipients

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The award is presented to a physician who has contributed significantly to the advancement of maxillofacial surgery and who has demonstrated leadership in the specialty through clinical practice, teaching or research.

2021 John Persing, MD 2018 Pravin Patel, MD
Ruben Ayala (CMO, OP Smile)
2015 Frederick Menick, MD
Gary Burget, MD
2014 Andy Wexler, MD
2013 Victor Lewis, MD 2012 Harvey Rosen, MD, DDS
2011 Joseph Murray, MD 2010 Daniel Marchac, MD
2009 William Magee, Jr., DDS, MD 2008 Douglas Ousterhout, MD
2007 Raymond Kauffman, MD 2006 Paul Manson, MD
2004 Yu Ray Chen, MD 2003 Linton. Whitaker, MD
2002 S. Anthony Wolfe, MD 2001 J. Jacobs, MD
2000 Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, MD 1999 Joseph G. McCarthy, MD
1998 Kenneth E. Salyer, MD 1997 Arthur G. Ship, MD, DMD
1996 James W. Ferraro, DDS, MD 1995 Melvin Spira, DDS, MD
1994 Henry K. Kawamoto, DDS, MD 1993 Stuart J. F. Landa, MD
1992 Alexander Limberg, MD 1991 Joseph S. Gruss, MD
Paul N. Manson, MD
1990 Bernard Sarnat, MD 1989 Paul Tessier, MD
1987 Irving M. Polayes, DDS, MD
Casper M. Epsteen, DDS, MD
1986 Richard C. Schultz, MD
1985 Clifford L. Kiehn, DDS, MD 1983 John B. Erich, MD
1982 Casper M. Epsteen, DDS, MD 1980 Reed 0. Dingman, DDS, MD
1977 Herbert A. Ecker, Sr., DDS, MD 1972 Orion H. StuteviIle, DDS, MD
1969 Fred Squier Dunn, MD 1966 Casper M. Epsteen, DDS, MD
1962 Arthur E. Smith, MD 1960 Truman G. Blocker, Jr ., MD
1956 Varaztad H. Kazzanjian, MD 1953 Carl W. Waldron, DDS, MD

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