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Kazanjian Honorary Lectures Award Recipients

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2021 Arun Gosain, MD, Chicago, Illinois
2019 Pravin Patel, MD, Chicago, Illinois
2017 Dr. Antonio Fuente del Campo, Mexico City, Mexico
2015 Joseph Gruss, MD
2013 Kenneth E. Salyer, MD
2011 Henry Kawamoto, DDS, MD
2009 S. Anthony Wolfe, MD
2007 J. Ferraro, MD
2005 J. McCarthy, MD
2003 Milton Edgerton, MD
2001 Jean Guy Delaire, MD
1999 Stephan Ariyan, MD, MBA
1997 William P. Magee, Jr ., DDS, MD
1995 Leonard B. Kaban, DMD, MD
1993 Paul N. Manson, MD
1991 Robert M. Goldwyn, MD
1989 Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio, MD
1987 Hans G. Luhr, DMD, MD
1985 Hugo H. Obwegeser, DMD, MD
1983 Paul L. Tessier, MD
1981 Paul Marks, MD
1979 Richard Jesse, MD
1977 Robert J.Gorlin, DDS, MD
1975 Bradford Cannon, MD
1973 John M. Converse, MD
1970 Thomas D. Cronin, MD
1968 Gustave Aufright, MD
1966 Gustavo Sanvenero Rosselli, MD

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