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ASMS: The American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons

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ASMS/ASPS Annual Meeting, October 16-19, 2020
Presidents Message

Delora Mount MD, ASMS President
Delora Mount, MD
ASMS President 2019-2020
Greetings ASMS Members!

First, I want to thank you for selecting me as your ASMS President. The stature and importance of this position is a highlight of my career. I am grateful and humbled by your trust, and assure you we have some great advances coming this year.

Several members asked me to comment about the meaning to me personally to be the first woman in the role of President of ASMS. My answer may surprise you. I am wistful; in the many years of the ASMS a woman President is unique and a reportable event. Please do not misunderstand, our Society has had phenomenal leadership over the past 72 years, Iím just disappointed that many fine female members of this society did not attain the Presidency until now. I prefer not to analyze or theorize the possible reasons for this, but I do want to strongly contribute in a way to involve and support all talented and deserving member-leaders. I truly believe this is a new era for the ASMS leadership team, and am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

In the end, I wish to be defined not by being the first woman President of the ASMS, but as an effective, fair and inclusive mentor and leader, who continues to develop the future of ASMS in a positive direction.

More to come soon on the exciting advances in our Society:
  • New Journal
  • Enhanced Social Media Presence
  • Continued Educational Courses (basic, advanced and pediatric)
  • Research Grants
  • Outstanding ASMS Programming for the 2020 ASPS meeting
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