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Cleft Palate Registry on ASPS TOPS Platform

John VanAalst, Ray Harshbarger, and Arun Gosain have been working with the PSF since 2016 for the purpose of collecting long-term data on our patients who undergo cleft palate repair from infancy at the time of cleft palate repair until skeletal maturity. Outcomes will focus on fistula formation, speech development, dental/orthodontic progress, and maxillary growth. Data input is compartmentalized to these outcomes, minimizing the need for entry of extraneous data. Both Lurie Children’s and Pittsburgh Children’s Hospitals have trialed the registry over the past year, and we are now preparing to make the registry available to the ASMS membership at large. Your participation will not only be of value to evaluate your patients over the course of their development, but also to help us to refine the registry to best suit your patients' needs. As an added bonus, participation in this Registry will satisfy the Practice Improvement requirement that is a component of the Continuous Certification requirements by the ABPS (formerly MOC). On using the registry data to satisfy this requirement, I found it to be a much more efficient and meaningful activity than completing 10 patient tracers as has previously been done every 3 years as part of the ABPS Continuous Certification process.

The registry is on the ASPS TOPS platform, and you will need to complete your registration for the TOPS registry through the PSRN portal. I would also suggest that you have your colleagues who also perform cleft palate repair in your departments do the same so that you may all contribute to the registry. It would be great to have as many of you as possible begin to use the registry so we may all work to improve uniformity and delivery of cleft care. The first step is to enroll in the TOPS Registry, which can be done through the following site:

If your institution does not permit registry participation, the PSF can guide you as to how to overcome this, since registry participation is quickly becoming intrinsic to clinical advances in evidence-based medicine, and hospitals will be reluctant to continue to hold out from such participation if the argument is made effectively. The PSF staff, led by Chris Simmons, can work with you if your institution does not support enrollment in the TOPS registry.

Arun Gosain
Past President, ASMS
Past President, PSF

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