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American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ASMS)

January 20-22, 2023
Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC
Chair: Raymond Harshbarger, MD
Honorary Chair: Andy Wexler, MD
Local Hosts: Jeff Hammoudeh, MD, DDS, Mark Urata, MD, DDS

Friday, January 20, 2023
7:30 am Registration
8:00 a.m. Welcome
Mark Urata, MD, DDS
  • Introduction of course faculty
  • Introduction to ASMS (History, membership, educational activities)
  • Course Overview
  • Acknowledgment of corporate sponsors
8:15 a.m. Housekeeping Issues
Raymond Harshbarger, MD
  • How did registrants find out about the course?
  • Course Evaluation Forms.
  • ASMS Application Forms.
  • Acknowledgment and thanks to corporate supporters.
8:20 a.m. Oral & Dental Anatomy
Andy Wexler, MD
  • Mucosal and salivary glands
  • Teeth and supporting structures (pediatric and adult)
  • Alveolar bone
  • Occlusion terminology and assessment: centric, rest, overjet, overbite
8:50 a.m. Use of Dental Splints/ Principles of Dental Extraction
Jeff Hammoudeh, MD, DDS
  • Indications for Palatal Fractures
  • Use of Lingual Splints
  • Use of dentures as splints in edentulous patients
  • Possible use of splints for pediatric mandibular fractures
  • Review of instruments used for dental extraction
  • Surgical Techniques of Dental extraction
  • Extraction Of impacted third molar
9:35 a.m. Head and Neck Anatomy
Andrea Ray, MD
  • Bone, soft tissue, facial nerve
  • Approaches to the craniofacial skeleton
  • Coronal, Upper and lower eyelids incision, Intra oral incisions
  • Risdon, retro mandibular incisions
10:05 a.m. Coffee Break
10:20 a.m. Mandible Trauma & Reconstruction
Warren Schubert , MD
  • Mandibular/anatomy and biomechanics
  • Surgical approaches
  • Use of mini-plates versus large plates, lag screws
  • Mandibular fractures-various types
  • Defect mandibular injuries (comminuted, edentulous, segmental defect)
  • Teeth in the line of fracture
  • Treatment of avulsed teeth
  • Use of trochar system
11:10 a.m. Orbital and Zygoma Fractures
John Menezes, MD
  • Orbital Fx's and reconstruction (blow-out, blow-in, entrapment)
  • Zygomatic Fx's
11:45 a.m. Principles of VSP
Raymond Harshbarger, MD
  • Introduction to webinar-based planning
  • Facial trauma, reconstruction
  • Clinical transfer tools, guides, plates
12:15-12:55 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. Laboratory session
Rotation 1: Limited Traditional dental lab (2 hours)
  1. Limited demonstration of impressions/models/articulation/splint creation- FACULTY
  2. Practice making acrylic splint on either typodont/stone model (provided)- STUDENTS
  3. Light cured splint, bracket/wire (alveolar fxs)- IN DEVELOPMENT
Rotation 2: Wiring techniques (2 hours)
  1. Arch bars/wiring demonstration/video
  2. Practice on typodont/saw bone skull:
    1. Arch bars application: traditional, hybrid
    2. Wiring techniques: Ernst, ivy loop, bridle wire
    3. MMF methods: arch bars/fish, IMF screws, interdental wires
    4. Interfragmentary wiring
    5. Mandibular border wiring
5:00 p.m. Friday Program Concludes
6:00 pm Reception at Hotel
Saturday, January 21, 2023
7:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8:00 a.m. Lecture session: ASMS Membership & Benefits
Raymond Harshbarger, MD
  • Why join?
  • Membership application.
8:15 a.m. Nasal Fracture
Alex Lin, MD
8:40 a.m. Maxillary (Le Fort I, II, III) Palatal fracture
Reza Jarrahy, MD
9:30 a.m. Frontal Sinus Fracture/Naso Orbito Ethmoid
Mark Martin, MD, DDS
10:15-10:30 a.m. Coffee Break
10:30 a.m. Panfacial Sequencing
CJ Langevin, MD, DDS
11:00 a.m. Review of principles of osteosynthesis
William Hoffman, MD
  • Cranial and facial region specific
  • Use of mesh
  • Bone grafting techniques
11:30 a.m. Incorporation of VSP into Facial trauma
Alex Lin, MD/Raymond Harshbarger, MD
  • Video demo
  • Lecture
  • Other ideas
12:00-12:45 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. Laboratory Session
All faculty

Rotation I: Application of Plates & Screws to Mandible & Midface Fractures using Saw Bone Models: (2 hours)

Mandible fracture exercises:
  1. Plating of angle fracture- Champy, other options
  2. Lag screw fixation: symphyseal fracture
  3. Plating subcondylar fracture
  4. "Locking screw” large reconstruction plate for mandibular defect
  5. Introduction to trochars for screw placement
Midface fracture exercises:
  1. Mini-plates for zygoma fracture
  2. Mini-plates for hemi-LeFort I fracture
  3. Mesh plate for orbital floor fracture
Rotation 2: VSP and VR for fracture management (2 hours)
  1. Live demo VR
    1. Reduction pan-facial fractures
    2. other
  2. Live demo VSP
    1. Live VSP (with engineer)
      1. NOE/ZMC fx case
      2. 3D printing- reduction model
      3. Pre-bend fixation plate
    2. VSP recorded
      1. Planning custom orbital implants
      2. Printed examples
    3. Digiscan->3D printed splint?
5:35 p.m. Saturday program concludes
Sunday, January 22, 2023
7:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast
7:20 a.m. Digital cephalometrics/VSP for orthognathic surgery
Lee Alkureishi, MD
8:30 a.m. Orthognathic Surgery/orthodontics
Jeff Hammoudeh, MD, DDS
9:00 a.m. Laboratory session:
VSP guided osteotomies/plating: Orthognathic Surgery, Genioplasty

All faculty members
  1. Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy, (BSSO), of the mandible with plating & screw fixation.
  2. Le Fort 1 Osteotomy & plating.
  3. osseous genioplasty- guide/3D plate
Resorbable plates demonstration ("one on one" in the lab)
10:45 a.m. Coffee Break
(Faculty debriefing Session All faculty)
10:45 a.m. Pediatric Craniofacial Surgery
Mark Urata, MD, DDS
11:05 a.m. Pediatric Fractures
Peter Lorenz, MD
  • Unique pediatric problems regarding mandible Fx's
  • Unique problems regarding pediatric dentition
  • Discussion of possible unique needs of splinting for pediatric fractures Midface Fx's
  • Controversies regarding pediatric plating and the use of absorbable plates and screws
11:30 a.m. Transgender Surgery
Stacey Francis, MD
12:00 p.m. ASMS Course Adjourns
PRE-COURSE VIDEOS: Joe Garri video and Patel orthognathic Surgery

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