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ASMS Pre-Conference Symposium
October 15, 2015
Boston, Massachusetts
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel | Harbor Ballroom
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Thursday, October 15, 2015
Boston, MA
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel | Harbor Ballroom

Cleft lip and palate repair represent the core of plastic surgery and are central to the ASMS. This symposium addresses the challenges of delivering cleft care in the underdeveloped world. We plan a two pronged approach taking an in depth look at the surgical aspects of global health and reviewing techniques of cleft surgery for those planning to participate in volunteer missions overseas. Topics range from the organization of teams to the utility of speech surgery on mission trips. Point-counterpoint discussions will address controversial topics such as the role of residents in mission trips and the utility of secondary surgery in these settings. Our goal is to promote safe and effective surgery for children with clefts wherever they may be. We have assembled an outstanding faculty who are leaders in cleft surgery in the US and have broad experience in overseas surgery as well.

At the end of this symposium attendees should be familiar with different types of overseas volunteer organizations, multiple aspects of global health as it relates to surgical disease, and up to date techniques in cleft lip and palate surgery.

Program Chair: William Y. Hoffman, MD, FAAP
Co-Chair: Seth Thaller, MD, DMD
Faculty: James Chang, MD; Mimis Cohen, MD; Paul Farmer, MD; Amanda Gosman, MD; William Hoffman, MD; Alexander Lin, MD; Reza Jarrahy, MD; Henry Kawamoto, MD; Anna Kuang, MD; Donald MacKay, MD; Delora Mount, MD; John Mulliken, MD; Frank Papay, MD; Anup Patel, MD; Debra Reilly, MD; Neal Reisman, MD; Peter Taub, MD; Seth Thaller, MD, DMD; Henry Vasconez, MD; Amy Wandel, MD; Andrew Wexler, MD

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