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New Initiatives for the ASMS Developed in Collaboration with the ABPS, the ASPS, and the PSF Highlight the Upcoming Fall Meeting

This fall the ASMS will once again organize and sponsor the annual preconference on October 9th, 2014 in conjunction with the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The pre-conference program this coming fall features an emphasis on keeping current in the age of MOC (Maintenance of Certification) and for the first time a unified theme uniting the preconference and the main conference meeting that will allow participants to uniquely shape their experience for in depth education and MOC credits within maxillofacial surgery.

There will be ample opportunity for participants to complete the didactic component of MOC through ASMS-sponsored activities at the annual combined meeting. The Preconference Symposium includes 9 MOC eligible lectures that for the first time unify cosmetic, oncologic, congenital, and traumatic topics within the scope of maxillofacial surgery. The MOC modules based on them will be Belpharoplasty and Face Lift (Cosmetic), Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer (Oncologic), Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Cleft nasal deformity, Non-Syndromic Craniosynostosis (Congenital), and Zygoma/Orbits, Mandible Fracture (Trauma).

Unique to this year’s main meeting, we will employ a “Thread Concept” for educational activities for participants who have specific interests in key topics and who wish to pursue these through different venues. ASPS and ASMS leadership have designated five such threads, beginning with the Preconference Symposium and concluding with the final courses and discussion sessions at the ASPS meeting. These 5 Threads will be 1) Cleft Lip, 2) Cleft Palate, 3) Cleft Nasal Deformity and Consideration of Accompanying Functional Airway Compromise, 4) Facial Fractures: Mandible and Panfacial, and 5) Orthognathic Surgery.

Greater depth and study will be available during the main meeting in three revised and updated MOC-eligible courses during meeting: Cleft Palate (Arun Gosain and John Vanaalst), Secondary Cleft Nasal Deformity (Don Mackay and Tom Samson), and Mandible Fractures (Larry Hollier). We look forward to seeing members, residents, fellows, and most of all new surgeons interested in expanding their knowledge of maxillofacial conditions. We hope to foster further education, research and stimulate greater interest in the ASMS and maxillofacial surgery in an unprecedented manner this coming fall!

Anand Kumar, MD, ASMS Fall Meeting Co-Chair Arun Gosain, MD, ASMS Fall Meeting Chair

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