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Job Title: Craniofacial Fellowship
Date Available: July 2016
Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Description: All interested residents who will have completed an accredited Plastic Surgery Residency are welcome to apply for this exciting training opportunity in Craniofacial Surgery.

The Craniofacial Fellowship at The University of Michigan offers an ACGME accredited comprehensive training program with a large clinical volume of reconstructive procedures for congenital anomalies including syndromic and non-syndromic craniosynostoses, brachial arch disorders, clefting abnormalities, orthognathic maladies as well as trauma recontruction. Craniofacial Fellows will become facile with a broad exposure of craniofacial procedures such as frontal orbital advancement, cranial vault reshaping, distraction osteogenesis, Le Fort I, II and III osteotomy, sagital split osteotomies, genioplasty, and other osteotomies of the mandible as well as Monoblock procedures. The Fellowship will also include a significant exposure to cleft lip and palate procedures, pediatric plastic surgery, and challenging traumatic facial reconstruction within a level 1 trauma system. The Fellow will have access to a plethora of clinical and basic scientific research opportunities including access to a state of the art NIH funded bone laboratory. The setting for this fellowship is a brand new state of the art 1,000,000 square feet Children's Hospital. The Pediatric Plastic Surgery suite and the Fellows office are immediately adjacent to the operating rooms. The Craniofacial Fellow will enjoy the same benefits and contact Steven R. Buchman, MD at for further details. Please visit our Craniofacial Fellowship training program website at

Contact: Steven R. Buchman, MD
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