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Research Grant Recipients

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Award Year Recipient Name Research Topic Award Amount
2016 Sumanas Jordan, MD In Vivo Evaluation of 3D-Printed Electroconductive Graphene Composites for Osteogenic, Myogenic, and Neurogenic Regeneration  
Michael Chung, MD Modulation of Cell Proliferation and Differentiantion by TAK1 Signaling in Regeneratin of the Craniofacial Skeleton/td>  
Alexis Donneys, MD Accelatoin of Bone Regeneration in Large Segmental Defects of the Irradiated Mandible Utilizing Angiogenic Nanoparticles Coupled with Adipose Derived Stem Cells/td>  
Reza Jarrahy, MD Alveolar Bone Regeneration with Low Dose BMP-2 is Amplified by Peptide Amphiphile Nanofibers Mixed with Injectable Collagen Slurry/td>  
2015 Ettinger Russell Mitigation of Radiation Induced Injury in Non-vascularized Bone Graft Reconstruction of the Murine Mandible using a Novel Lyophilized Deferoxamine Nanoparticle $7,900
Hu Michael Peripheral Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Novel Activators of HIF for the Treatment of Cranial Defects $7,000
Jarrahy Reza Bone repair by a new "Smart Scaffold" maintaining angiogenesis and chemotactic properties of stem cells $6,000
Kumar Anand Regeneration of Vascularized and Functional Bone Using a Collagen-Hydroxyapatite Nanoscaffold System with $6,000
Ranganathan Kavitha Isolating the Progenitor Population Responsible for Development and Regeneration of the Craniofacial Skeleton $6,100
2014 Alexis Donneys Testing the Efficacy of a Novel Implantable Angiogenic Stimulant for Enhancing Mandibular Pathologic Fracture Reconstruction after Radiation Exposure. $9,000
David Hindin Electrospun Soy Scaffolds for Tissue Engineered Skin Regeneration of the Face $7,000
Michael Hu Peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of cranial defects $6,177
Edward Swanson Engineering of a prefabricated osteocutaneous flap for the reconstruction of cranio-maxillofacial defects in a murine model: Evaluating optimal bone generation using either a novel hydrogel scaffold or cranial allograft bone functionalized with rhBMP2 and muscle derived progenitor cells. $7,000
Ruth Tevlin Rejuvenation of aged skeletal stem cell niches with application of defined exogenous morphogens $8,000
2013 Amir Dorafshar Regenerating Vascularized Bone Using Bioactive Scaffolds. $6,000
Reza Jarrahy Large-Scale Bone Regeneration Using a Novel Chemotactic Regenerative Scaffold $7,000
James McCarthy mRNA & In Vivo Vascular Changes in Hemangiomas Following Beta Blockers $8,000
Raymond Harshbarger Genomic Analyis of Non-Syndromic Sagittal Synostosis in Hispanic Patients $6,000
Joseph Shin Investigation of Somatic Mutations in Congenital Craniofacial Anomalies $6,000
Sagar Deshpande Assaying the Clinical Utility of Deferozamine for Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction by Testing its Effect on Cancer Metastasis and Proliferation $5,000
2012 Anand Kumar, MD Unlocking the Potential of Human Muscle Derived Cells in Pathologic Heterotopic Ossification as a Source of Craniofacial Bone Generation: A Translational Model Studying the Effects of Mechanotransduction and Inflammatory Mediators on Osteogenic Differentiation. $6,000
Spiessl Award
Evan Matros Development of a new PRO for measuring outcomes in face transplant patients $4,100
Michael S. Gart, MD Primacy of Propranolol or Steroids for Treatment of Hemangiomas $5,775
Jose J. Rodriguez, MD The Effect of Combined Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Intermittent Parathyroid Hormone Therapy on Pathologic Fracture Healing after Radiotherapy $5,775
Sunil Tholpady Modulation of the Mechanosensitive Gene Sclerostin to Accelerate Craniofacial Bone Healing $5,775
James P. Bradley Study of Craniofacial Disorders through Investigation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells $5,775
John A. Persing, MD Whole Exome Sequencing to Reveal De Novo Mutations in Sagittal Craniosynstosis $4,800
2011 James Bradley, MD   $7,500
Reza Jarrahy, MD   $7,000
Harvey Chim Primacy of Propranolol or Steroids for Treatment of Hemangiomas $7,000
Sagar Deshpande Manufacturing Designer Free Flaps Utilizing a Stem Cell and Autologous Tissue Transformation Approach $6,000
Peter Felice, MD Optimization of Bone Grafting After Radiotherapy Utilizing Amifostine Prophylaxis to Enable Healing of Critical Size Mandibular Defects in a Murine Model $3,500
Chad Gordon, DO   $3,500
Amanda Gosman, MD   $3,500
Award Year Recipient Name Recipient Institution Research Topic Award Amount
2010 Catherine N. Tchanque-Fossuo, MD University of Michigan Medical School Deferoxamine Treatment Bolsters Healing of Alloplastic Bone Graft in Irradiated Murine Mandibular Defect $5,000
David A. Bichara, MD Massachusetts General Hospital Poly(vinyl Alcohol)- Alginate Hydrogel-Based Auricular Engineering in an Ovine Model $5,000
Aaron Farberg, BS University of Michigan Medical School Amifostine and Deferoxamine Combination Therapy in Irradiated Mandibular Distraction Osteogensis $5,000
Alexis Donneys, MD, MS University of Michigan, Department of Plastic Surgery The Effect of Deferoxamine on the Rate of Consolidation in Murine Distraction Osteogensis $5,000
Caroline Szpalski, MD Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, NYU Langone Medical Center Novel Combinaison therapy for the treatment if critical size bone defects $5,000
S. Alex Rottgers, MD University of Pittsburgh Reconstruction of a Novel Mandible Defect Utilizing Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) Printed with Osteogenic Bio-Inks in the Rabbit $5,000
John Persing, MD Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery Assessing Neurocognitive Outcomes in Plagiocephaly using Event-Related Potentials $8000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
Award Year Recipient Name Research Topic Award Amount
2009 Walter Sweeney, B.S. Potential use of siRNA in developing therapeutics for Craniosysnostosis $3,000
Russell Reid, MD, PhD The Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for the Enhancement of the Consolidation Period of Distraction Osteogenesis $3,000
John Persing, MD The Impact of Surgery on Neurocognitive Outcomes in Craniosynostosis $3,000
David A. Bichara, MD Porous Polyvinyl Alcohol-Alginate Gel Hybrid Construct for Auricle Reconstruction Using Human Naso-Septal Cells $3,000
Deepak Narayan, MD Hemangiomas: Stem cell tumors of Pericyte origin $6,390
Aaron S. Farberg, B.S. Angiogenic Effect of Deferoxamine on Irradiated Mandible in Distraction Osteogenesis $6,390
James P. Bradley, MD Induced Adipose-derived Stem Cells for Optimizing Craniofacial Defect Healing $6,390
Tatiana Karine Simon Cypel, MD The Role of Anti-Osteogenic Signalling in the Pathophysiology of Craniosynostosis in Infants $6,830
2008 Eduardo D. Rodriguez, MD, DDS Osteointegration of Long Bone (Fibula) and Flat Bone (Mandible) in Composite Tissue Allotransplantation in a Non-Human Primate Model $6,000
Gregory E. Lakin, MD The Influence of Mechanical Stress on the Phenotypic Variability of Muenke Syndrome Craniosynostosis $6,000
Xi Lin Jing, MD Radio-cytoprotective Effect of N-acetyle-L-cysteine (NAC) on Irradiated Mandible in Distraction Osteogenesis (DO) $6,000
Gary E. DeCesare, MD The Use of Printed BMP2 in a Rabbit Calvarial Defect Model $6,000
James P. Bradley, MD Development of Biomimetic Apatite Coatings to Improve ASC Osteogenesis $6,000
Alero Fregene, MD Optimizing Vascularity in the Distraction Regenerate Following Therapeutic Radiation $8,000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
2007 Peter J. Taub, MD CITED2 in Osteogenesis: An In-Vivo Study $3,250
Christopher R. Spock, MD MicroRNA and Classification of Hemangiomas $3,250
Catherine K. Huang, MD The Effects of Vitamin D and Retinoic Acid in Enhancing Osteogenesis of Liposuctioned Fat Derived Stem Cells $3,250
Andreas Groeger, MD Autologous Cartilaginous Porous Polyethylene Construct for a Tissue Engineered Ear in Vivo $3,250
Joyce C. Chen, MD Gene Therapy Repair of Cleft Palate in a Congenital Caprine Model $7,500
Alexander C. Allori, MD, MPH 3D Stem Cell Co-Culture for Bone Engineering $7,500
John A. van Aalst, MD, MA Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Stem Cell Incorporation into Nanofiber Scaffolds: Induction of Osteogenesis for Craniofacial Defects $10,000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
Award Year Recipient Name Research Topic Award Amount
2006 William Gerald Austen, Jr., MD In Vitro Investigation of Magnet Induced Distraction Osteogenesis $3,580
Keith M. Blechman, MD Isolation of a Novel Subset of Circulating Osteoblast Progenitor Cells and Characterization of their Function in Fracture Healing $3.58
Russell R. Reid, MD, PhD Acceleration of Mandibular Distraction-Associated Bony Regenerate Healing by Electrical Field Stimulation $3,580
Catherine K. Huang, MD Impact of the 3rd Dimension on Osteogenic Differentiation $5,500
Michael Chen, MD National Outcomes Studies in Craniofacial Surgery $6,680
Oren Z. Lerman, MD Vascular Protection for the Prevention of Osteoradionecrosis in the Craniofacial Skeleton: The Role of Endothelial Progenitor Cells $7,575
Joseph E. Losee, MD BMP-2 and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells for Craniofacial Reconstruction $7,500
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
2005 Oren Z. Lerman, MD The Interaction of Circulating Osteoblastic and Endothelial Progenitor Cells in a Rat and Human Model of Distraction Osteogenesis: The Next Paradigm $6,000
Alex Wong, MD The Effect of Oral HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors on Neovascularization and Survival of Bone Grafts $6,000
Andrea L. Pusic, MD Microvascular Reconstruction for Advanced-Stage Head and Neck Cancer Patients: A Prospective Analysis of Quality of Life and Symptom Relief $6,000
Deborah Yu, MD Morphologic and Physiologic Differences in the Muscle of Normal and Cleft Goat Palates: Repaired In Utero, a 2 Months, and 6 Months of age $7,075
Brent Schultz, MD The Molecular Mechanisms of Hemangioma Involution/Generation $7,075
Daniel A. Schwarz, MD Efficacy of Irradiated Bone Regenerate Salvage $7,850
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
2004 Reza Jarrahy, MD The Impact of Three-Dimensional Culture Upon the Differentiation of Primary Osteoprogenitor Cell Lines $4,000
Joseph E. Losee, MD Rescue of Premature Suture Fusion Using Noggin Cytokine Therapy in Craniosynostotic Rabbits $4,000
Jonathan M. Winograd, MD Motor Neuron Transplantation to Enhance Outcome Following Facial Nerve Paralysis $4,000
C. Suzanne Cutter, MD Prefabrication of Vascularized Bone Constructs Using Stem Cells and Gene Therapy $7,000
Serhat Totan, MD Improving Distraction Osteogenesis in Three Directions: Anti-Inflammatory, Matrix Relaxation, and Osteogenic Effects of Rho Kinase Inhibition $7,000
Robert D. Galiano, MD Inductive Therapy of Tissue Engineered Constructs to Assist Healing of Irradiated Tissue Beds $7,000
Artur M. Gevorgyan, MD Radiation-Induced Craniofacial Bone Growth Retardation: Relationship Between p53 Expression, Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Arrest Following Radiation and Cytoprotection In Vitro $7,000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
Award Year Recipient Name Research Topic Award Amount
2003 Artur M. Gevorgyan, MD Radiation-induced Craniofacial Bone Growth Inhibition: In Vitro Investigation of the Molecular Mechanisms and Cytoprotection $7,000
Timothy Johnson, MD Flexible Tissue Engineered Cartilage Using Culture Expanded Chondrocytes and Swine Intestinal Submucosa $10,000
Serhat Totan, MD Heat Shock Proteins as Endogenous Modulators of Bone Formation: A New Aspect of View to the Molecular Mechanisms of Distraction Osteogenesis $6,135
Robert Galiano, MD Gene Therapy of Free Flaps to Treat Tumors of the Head and Neck $10,000
James Smartt, Jr., MD Influence of Hydrostatic Compression on Fetal Dural Cells, Calvarial Osteoblasts, and Developing Cranial Sutures $6,500
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
2002 Jack C. Yu, MD, DMD On the Effects of Coronal Synostosis on Sagittal Sutural Morphology by Fractal Analysis of Animal and Human Data $7,500
John Jensen, MD Effect of Mechanical Stress on RNA Expression of Cultured Osteoblasts $7,500
Curtis L. Cetrulo, Jr., MD Expanded Endothelial Progentior Cell Therapy for Improved Neovascularization and Bone Regeneration in Distraction Osteogenesis $7,500
Arnold S. Breitbart, MD Repair of Alveolar Bone Defects using Osteogenically Differentiated Fat-Derived Stem Cells Seeded into Resorbable Ceramic or Polymer Matrices $7,500
Christopher Gerald Williams, MD Tissue Engineering of Functional Hard-Tissue Replacement in Craniofacial Reconstruction: A ‘Living,’ Injectable Photopolymerizable, Degradable Implant Technology $9,966
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
2001 Pravin Patel, MD Biomechanical Properties at the Ultrastructural Level of the Cranial Vault Sutures in the Rat and Murine Animal Models $5,400
Michael T. Longaker, MD Dura Mater-Osteoblast Interactions in Calvarial Healing: The Effects of Equibiaxial Strain $6,000
Brian T. Carlsen, MD Comparison of Resorbable Matrices for Bone Tissue Engineering $7,200
Mohamed M. Abdelaal, MD Bone Morphagenic Protein Gene Therapy for Prefabricated Osseomyocutaneous Flap for Reconstruction of Cranial Defect in a Rat Model $7,500
Robert D. Galiano, MD The Augmentation of Distraction Osteogenesis Using Gene Therapy-Medicated Delivery of Osteoinductive Proteins $9,965
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
Award Year Recipient Name Research Topic Award Amount
2000 W. Scott McDonald, MD The Effect of Anti-VEGF and Anti Beta-FGF Antibodies on Hemangioma Formation in an Animal Model $2,850
Mehrdad Mark Mofid, MD Memory Alloy Assisted Distraction Osteogenesis of the Rabbit Mandible $2,850
Sunil Tholpady Quantification of Force Induced Cranial Suture Fusion in a Rat Model $7,000
Joseph Shin, MD Regulation of Transforming Growth Factor Beta-Type III Receptor with Mechanical Strain $7,000
Steven R. Buchman, MD Investigation of the Pattern of Gene Expression in Force-Induced Craniosynostosis $7,000
Jack C. Yu, MD, DMD The Pattern of Intracellular Calcium Release and Cellular Strain Distribution in Cranial Sutures Under Physiological Tensile Stress: Towards a Theory of Cranial Morphogenesis $5,800
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
1999 Eser Yuksel, MD Combined Gene Therapy for Heterotopic Bone Regeneration: Optimization of Matrix Using Osteocalcin Gene Induction in TGF-B Transected Periosteal Flap $6,829
Atay Atabey, MD Prefabricated Osteocutaneous & Osteomyocutaneous Arterialized Venous Flaps with Heterotopically Produced Bone by Bone Morphogenetic Protein $6,829
Arun K. Gosain, MD Modulation of Cranial Suture Fusion Through Alteration of TFG-B Gene Expression In Vivo $8,342
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
Michael T. Longaker, MD Gene Therapy of Mature Dura Mater: Therapeutic Implications for Non-Healing Calvarial Defects $10,000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
1998 Gary Martinovsky, MD Identification of the Role of Proteins Involved in Cell Differentiation/Programmed Cell Death in Craniosynostosis $5,000
Deepak Narayan, MD Analysis of Cytoplasmic Dynein in Head and Neck Melanomas $5,500
Jack C. Yu, MD, DMD Tension Induced Cellular Strain Causes Plasma Membrane Leakage and Release of FGF-2 from Immature Cranial Sutures $6,500
Eser Yuksel, MD Gene Therapy for Heterotopic Bone Regeneration: Long-Term Delivery of TFG-B Plasmid $7,500
Steven R. Buchman, MD Investigation of Local and Global Mechanical Environment on Bone Regeneration Mandibular Distraction Osteogenis $8,500
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
1997 James Chang, MD Modulation of Hemangioma Growth in the Athymic Mouse: The Role of Angiogenic Growth Factor Therapy n/a
Steven R. Buchman, MD Genetic Mechanisms of Force Induced Craniosynostosis n/a
Tahsin Oguz Acarturk, MD The Foundation of Facial Muscle Tissue Engineering: Structural Orientation Using Patterned Biomaterials n/a
Babak J. Mehrara, MD The Use of TGFB1 Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Critical Sized Calvarial Defects n/a
Jack C. Yu, MD, DMD The Effects of Tension and Compression on the Expression of Gap Junction in Neonatal Rat Cranial Sutures Bernd Spiessl
Award Year Recipient Name Research Topic Award Amount
1996 Andrew E. Turk, MD Autogenous Chondrocyte Culturing for Temporomandibular Joint Reconstruction n/a
Peter D. Witt, MD Molecular Basis of Palatal Development: Role of Fgf-8 n/a
William Y. Hoffman, MD The Response of Masseter Muscle and Periosteum to Mandibular Distraction in the Minipig n/a
Douglas A. Roth, MD The Effects of Locally Applied Exogenous Growth Factors in an In Vivo Model Cranial Suture Fusion n/a
Arun K. Gosain, MD An Investigation of the Source of Mandibular Osteogenesis: Distraction Osteogenesis Versus Acute Mandibular Lenthening Bernd Spiessl
1995 Jack C. Yu, MD, DMD n/a Bernd Spiessl
1994 Eric Stelnicki, MD n/a n/a
Jack C. Yu, MD, DMD n/a n/a
Fu Shih Pan, MD n/a n/a
Marco T. J. Amarante, MD n/a Bernd Spiessl
1993 Raphael C. Lee, MD, ScD The Mechanochemical Signal Transduction Pathway Responsible for Wolff’s Law $4,000
Jaime R. Garza, MD, DDS A Finite Element Analysis Model of the Craniofacial Skeleton $4,000
Kant Y. Lin, MD Characterization of Factors Regulating Suture Patency $10,000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
William Y. Hoffman, MD Endoscopic Repair of Fetal Cleft Lip in a Sheep Model $10,000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
John A. Persing, MD n/a Bernd Spiessl
1992 Keith Page, MD n/a Bernd Spiessl
1991 John A. Persing, MD n/a $12,500
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
1990 Jay Pensler, MD Histological Evaluation of Coronal Synotosis. $10,000
(Bernd Spiessl Award)
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